Sing With Praise Vocals ,LLC

Sing unto him a new song; 
play skillfully with a loud noise.  
(Psalm 33:3)

Private Beginning Piano Lessons are offered to students ages 8 and older.

What should I expect?

30-minute lessons:

  1. 3 minutes: discuss goals and objectives from previous week.
  2. 10 minutes: discuss progress & identify problems arising from previous week of practice.
  3. 14 minutes: new repertoire and theory
  4. 3 minutes: identify goals and objectives for upcoming week.

What to bring to your lesson:

  1. Piano Book
  2. Theory Book
  3. Pencil with eraser
  4. Recording device

What to do between lessons:

  1. Practice 10 minutes a day

Other General Information:

  • Students should be prepared to learn at least one or two songs bi-weekly depending on progress and level.  
  • Students should note that fundamentals are the key to playing and repertoire may be put on hold when further foundational work is needed.  
  • Students are encouraged but not required to participate in quarterly recitals for close family and friends.