Sing With Praise Vocals ,LLC

Sing unto him a new song; 
play skillfully with a loud noise.  
(Psalm 33:3)

Vocal And Creative Workshop Areas of Expertise:


Vocal Fundamentals: Breathing, placement, vocal care, warm-ups

Vocal Techniques: Classical placement, belting technique, blending, warming up

Mic and Performance Technique

Vocal Harmonies: Stacking, Blend, Ear training

Dynamics and Understanding Voicing


Worship Versus A Performance

Our Bodies An Instrument of Praise

Worship Leading 101

Creative Spontaneous Worship Experiences 

Creating a Team of Integrity

How to be a Vulnerable Leader

Creating an All-Inclusive Worship Environment

How to Start a Song Writing Ministry in Your Church

The Art of Medleying Songs


Song Writing: Premise, keying, structure

The Art of Medleying Songs