Sing With Praise Vocals ,LLC

Sing unto him a new song; 
play skillfully with a loud noise.  
(Psalm 33:3)

Student Testimonials

***** Aurora Barr is an excellent voice teacher and such a joy to be around and learn from. She has a phenomenal voice and is an outstanding singer and performer. The same can be said about her vocal teaching. Her technique is top notch and she is always so positive and encouraging in our lessons. I've gotten so much out of our lessons, that after she moved out of my area, I continued taking lessons from her via Face Time. It has been going very well and I am happy about that! That's how great she is! If you've been wanting to take voice lessons, Aurora is the best and you will be happy for choosing her. - Jessica (June 2015)

*****Aurora is an excellent voice instructor and a joy to work with. She tailors her approach to each student's individual needs, and makes an effort to ensure that you get what you want out of your lessons. In my daughter's first lesson, Aurora quickly identified some of her problem areas. She developed ways for her to improve, and there was indeed noticeable growth in no time at all! Whether my daughter wanted to work more on vocal exercises or on specific songs, Aurora structured the lessons based on my daughter's priorities. Aurora is welcoming, flexible, patient and encouraging - what a gem! - Lillie S. (June 2015)

*****I was looking to try out singing lessons. Through a mutual friend who was taking lessons, I had met Aurora. We set up lessons at her place of resident. She was very professional from to get go. She would not just instruct but also teach so that you would know why you were doing certain things. Not having taken lessons before, she was amazing. I would recommend her to anyone! -Shane S. (June  2015)

*****The queen of voice.  She helped me realize  I had another octave in me.  She's always on time and willing to go the extra mile.  The sooner you go to see Aurora Marra the sooner you are going to get better! - Mark (June 2015)

***** I learned so much about voice and praise from Aurora Barr.  She was so dedicated to helping me grow in our church choir.  Her small group sessions made it easier for me to practice and listen to others around me.  I learned not to be afraid of my voice.  Thanks to Aurora I have more confidence, better breathing techniques and a better range.  She made Learning voice so much fun! - Ida (June 2015)

***** Aurora is an amazing and accomplished voice teacher. Her vocal training and teaching abilities are extensive and go far beyond all that I had previously experienced. Yet, her skills alone are not the reason why I think Aurora is the best vocal teacher that I could ever recommend. It is her commitment to the Lord that makes her an amazing teacher. Her strong commitment to the Lord pushes her to be the best she can be as an artist and a teacher. Aurora is determined and highly motivated to help you become the best artist that you can be. Nothing less will do. She will push you, challenge you, encourage you, and teach you along your journey. The Lord has gifted Aurora to know what you need to do to push through the barriers that may be holding you back. I thank the Lord for Aurora’s dedication to her craft and to her for helping me to reach my full potential. -George (May 2015) 

 ***** Aurora provided lessons to my 14 year old daughter. After just four lessons, there was significant improvement in my daughter's ability to annunciate, project, and hold notes. With Aurora's guidance, my daughter was able to apply the skills she learned very quickly, and in turn won a first place ribbon at a recent singing competition in Portland, Oregon! We are very pleased with Sing With Praise Vocals and would recommend lessons for all who are serious about improving their vocal skills. Thank God for Sing With Praise Vocals! - Lillie F. (April 2015)

***** Sometimes as we journey through life our wings get clipped and we have difficulty flying. I thank God that as I’ve been flying without wings, He sent me to Aurora for voice lessons. God has gifted Aurora with a unique talent of ministering through music and personal counseling. As a part of her ministry she seeks to understand and help restore“the whole”, i.e., student’s mind, body and soul. She knows that in order for the student’s talent to soar it is necessary to deal with both the inner and outer self. . Her personal testimony and unwavering faith provides a unique and rare experience for her students. Through my sessions I’ve learned that God gifts people with beautiful voices, but you must learn how to use it so that God will be glorified; and that when you use proper techniques you will capture the listener’s attention. Since studying with Aurora I have received numerous comments about how much better my singing is. I’m learning to use my diaphragm after singing for more than 40 years!!!! My mom who has heard me sing since childhood recently heard me and said, “You sang that song like you will never sing another song in your life.” Other relatives want to know if they might be able to improve their voices through voice lessons with Aurora. This is Aurora’s season and God is using her in mighty ways. May He forever be magnified and glorified through her works for Him!!! Lillie R. (Dec 2014)

***** Aurora is a wonderful voice teacher!  She is so encouraging and very positive throughout the entire voice lesson.  She makes you feel comfortable and right at home.  We laugh a lot together in my voice lessons.  I've been fortunate to have excellent voice teachers (starting from high school through & after college).  After not taking voice lessons in over 10 years, I've gotten out of shape vocally.  In the 4 lessons I've had with Aurora...I've had a "huge" improvement and am starting to get my vocal strength back.  I am so excited to continue taking voice lessons from Aurora and am praying that God will continue to make it possible!  Aurora's vocal technique is excellent and you can tell by her amazing and beautiful voice!  I know she really cares about her vocal students because in my lessons with her, she always makes sure I am not hurting my voice (she will stop me from continuing and will show me the correct way that doesn't hurt).  Life experiences and the long span of not having voice lessons had caused me to lose confidence in my singing.  Thank you so much, Aurora, for your time and the love/encouragement you pour out during our lessons! Thank you for helping me get my confidence back (a work in progress)! - Jessica M-H. (June 2014)    

***** Ms. Aurora's teaching has been very influential to me. She taught me many techniques that have greatly improved my vocal skills in a short period of time. She is also kind, gentle and patient, and encourages me to be confident in my singing abilities. - LaRen "14" ( June 2014)